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We are an established contractor in the South of England working closely with a number of London Boroughs as well as working on a number of key government contracts. Find out more details on our recent projects here.

Line marking at GenisisCare

We recently carried out some line marking at GenisisCare in Borehamwood.

GenisisCare provides private, specialist cancer care across the UK. 

It was a priviledge to carry out this work, for somewhere that has such a worthy cause.

It's really important at these types of establishments to have clear and coherant line marking, especially when visitors can find themselves in a heightened emotional state.

Here are a few examples of our work at the centre:


GenisisCare 2

GenisisCare 3

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Linemarking in Coulsdon

Linemarkings are vital in our day to day lives - but one place where they are highly important is at children's schools - to ensure child safety.

The school gates can often be a hazardous area for pedestrians as they are often so crowded with parents and children - making it all too easy for accidents to happen. 

So here are some examples of some stand out line marking from our team at Woodcote high School in Coulsdon.

woodcote high school, Coulsdon

woodcote high school, Coulsdon 2

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Pothole repairs in Aldershot

Potholes are often created when the top layer of tarmac and the material beneath (often refewrred to as the base, or sub-base) can not support the weight of the traffic that passes over it.

This can be caused by wear and tear, bad weather conditions (of which we are having a lot of lately!), poor drainage, improper maintenance and substandard materials.

With the recent weather it's not a surprise to see potholes popping up everywhere, frustrating as they are!

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Linemarking for the NHS

We've had the pleasure of working on many linemarking projects recently.

From thermoplastic linemarking for car parys to roads, sports play areas, playground and cycle lanes - and more recently for the NHS. 

Have a look at these latest photos from NHS Thames House in Teddington.

Linemarking NHS Thames House

Linemarking NHS Thames House 2

Linemarking NHS Thames House 3

Linemarking NHS Thames House 4

Linemarking NHS Thames House 5

And more recently for NHS Dorking Hospital.

Dorking Hospital linemarking

Dorking Hospital linemarking 2

Dorking Hospital linemarking

Dorking Hospital linemarking 4

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Resurfacing at The Cabinet Office

The Cabinet Office is a ministerial department, supported by 29 agencies and public bodies.

Supporting the Prime Minister, and ensuring the effective running of the Government - it's a very important place to be!

Which is why we were honoured to be the chosen company to carry out their resurfacing recently.

We used SMA 10 surface course, cold planing off the existing surface and replacing it with a new one.

The Cabinet office, Whitehall

The Cabinet office, Whitehall 2

The Cabinet office, Whitehall 3

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Stepping into Spring

We're seeing a few more breaks in the rain now that we are half way through March, and even some sightings of that rarely seen yellow thing in the sky - the sun!

The last few weeks we've been out and about, fixing playgrounds, replacing pathways and resurfacing entrances to care homes.

Taks a look at what we've been up to below...

At Barchester Ashcombe House Care Home Basingstoke - we resurfaced in AC10 close graded surface course, and then line-marked the main driveway in.

Barchester Ashcombe House Care Home

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New blue rubber mulch in Harrow

We installed some new blue rubber mulch at Grange Primary School in Harrow earlier this week.

Often made from recycled rubber, most often crumb rubber sourced from waste tires, rubber mulch is perfect for schools and playgrounds as it's elasticity makes it springy and safe for playing!

Grange Primary School Harrow 3

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Line marking during a break in the rain

It seems like all it's done lately is rain!

And working outside in this job in these conditions can be tough.

Thankfully a break in the rain recently meant we were able to carry out linemarking outside The Heights primary school in Caversham.

Safety first!

Linemarking outside The Heights

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A busy start to 2024!

We've had a busy start to the year at London Surfacing Co, working in Bromley, Cambridge, Guildford and London!

King Edward Hospital Windsor

From line marking at the King Edward Hospital in Windsor to resin bound surfacing on Regent Street.

Mont Blanc Regent Street

And T shaped car parking lines in Cambridgeshire. 

Peter Maitland Court

We're certainly getting around the country! 

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Resurfacing of an office block

We recently completed the resurfacing of an office block in Sidcup, Kent, using stone mastic asphalt poly modified bitumen (PMB) for greater longevity for fork trucks turning and lorries.

Resurfacing Sidcup

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